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Life, Love & Therapy's podcast

May 20, 2019

In this episode I interview Carrie Fleider. Carrie is a mother to her beautiful 4 year daughter, she is also a Clinical social worker, and assistant director of the counseling center at OSU.

Carrie shares about her journey to motherhood that begun in her 30s and that eventually led her to motherhood via adoption in her 40s. Carrie's mother died what she was just 4 years old and she says that the experience of growing up without a mother made her curious about motherhood and also made her want to be a mother.

Carrie shares that she attempted assisted conception options after her hopes of being in a relationship and conceiving did not materialize in her 30's. Carrie shares how grieving and letting go of the the idea of motherhood via pregnancy in a relationship or assisted pregnancy eventually led her to adopt. Carrie openly shares about the challenges of the 2-3yrs adoption process, the adjustment period of transitioning from a single woman to mother of a toddler and the role that her supportive community played in keeping her grounded and encouraged.